Portable MINI CNC Plasma Flame Cutting Machine
Portable MINI CNC Plasma Flame Cutting Machine CNC PORTABLE PLASMA CUTTING MACHINE Selangor, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Shah Alam Supplier, Supply, Rental, Repair | Aim Tech Welding System Sdn Bhd
2230 CNC Flame Cutting Machine Technical Parameter

Total Length X (mm) 2700 Effective cutting X (mm) 2200
Total Length Y (mm) 3500 Effective cutting Y (mm) 3000
Cutting Accuracy (mm) ±0.5 Flame Cutting Thickness (mm) 5~120
Repeatability (mm) ±0.3 Plasma Cutting Thickness (mm) --
Flame Cutting Torch (set) 1 Travel Speed (mm/min) 5000
Plasma cutting machine -- Plasma Cutting Speed (mm/min) --
Heightened body (mm) 100 Flame Cutting Speed (mm/min) 10~1000
Flame Cutting Plasma Cutting
Voltage AC220V±10V 50Hz Plasma Machine Voltage -
Input Power 0.5KW Input Power -
Gas Oxy + Gas Gas -
Oxygen Pressure 0.4-0.1 MPa Air Compressor -
Gas Pressure 0.04-0.1 MPa Oil and Water Flow Device -
Oxygen Purity 99.6 %above Cutting Thickness -

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