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WF-007A cold filler wire machine is used for argon arc/ laser/ plasma/ brazing welding process, without preheating wire filling equipment for the molten pool.
  • Automatic wire filling speed can be adjusted continuously.
  • Drawing wire back, and feeding delay functions.
  • Dual drive wheel feeding system, applicable to a variety of diameter.
  • Pulse feeding function.
  • Various function parameters of independent continuous adjustment.
Model WF-007A
Wire Table Diameter(mm) 305
Wire Diameter(mm) 06/0.8/1.0/1.2/1.6/2
Feeding Speed(mm/min) 0-8000
A pulse wire feeding time(s) 0-10
Pulse pause time(s) 0-10
Time delay starting(s) 0-10
Back to silking time(s) 0-10
Power off time delay(s) 0-5
Step control 4 step
Accuracy of speed 1%

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