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Specifically designed to rotate tank, pressure vessels, wind-tower for fitting-up and circular welding jobs. ZT series pipe rotators are with capacities ranging for 5 ton to 150 ton.
  • Self-aligning adjusts rollers tilt angle to fit vessels with different diameters.
  • Easy to set up a small welding center by means of welding column and boom under linking control.
  • Equipped with high performance PU roller or steel rollers provide stable running.
  • VFD AC infinitely variable speed control system.
  • Remote control panel with switch for cw/ccw rotation, foot switch for start/stop functions.
Scope of delivery
  • Main body frame: 1pc
  • Electrical cabinet: 1pc
  • Remote control panel: 1pc
Model Load Capacity Tank Diameter Roller Size Roller Material Rolling Speed Motor Power
ZT-5 5T Ø250- Ø2500mm Ø250x100mm PU 100-1000mm/min 0.75kw
ZT-10 10T Ø320- Ø3200mm Ø300x120mm PU 100-1000mm/min 1.1kw
ZT-20 20T Ø500- Ø3800mm Ø350x150mm PU 100-1000mm/min 2.2kw
ZT-40 40T Ø600- Ø4500mm Ø400x160mm PU 100-1000mm/min 2kw
ZT-60 60T Ø750- Ø5000mm Ø450x180mm PU 100-1000mm/min 4kw
ZT-80 80T Ø850- Ø5500mm Ø450x240mm PU 100-1000mm/min 2x3kw
ZT-100 100T Ø1000- Ø6000mm Ø500x240mm PU 100-1000mm/min 2x3kw
ZT-150 150T Ø1000- Ø6000mm Ø550x300mm PU 100-1000mm/min 2x4kw
All models have a VFD control.

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